5 Tell-Tale Signs Your Ford Needs a Radiator Repair

February 4th, 2022 by

Car engines get immensely hot while running, so they need something to cool them down and prevent the components from overheating. This is where your car radiator comes into play. Its main function is to keep the engine at a constant temperature. But, just like any other car part, the radiator can malfunction or break down for various reasons, and it’s important to act fast and get rapid radiator repair at your Blackfoot, ID Ford dealer when things go wrong.

1. Steam Under the Hood

Let’s begin with one of the most dramatic and worrying signs of radiator problems: steam pouring out from under the hood of your car. This only usually happens when the radiator has totally failed and the engine is getting very hot. If you see steam, you’ll need to pull over safely as soon as you can and turn the engine off to let it cool down.

2. High Temperatures

Keep a close eye on the temperature gauge on your car’s dashboard in order to check how well your radiator is working. Usually, the arrow on the gauge should hover somewhere in the middle, between the cold and the hot sections, while you’re driving. If the arrow or indicator starts pointing to the hot or red section, it means that the engine is overheating and the radiator isn’t doing its job.

3. Rust or Discoloration

Another simple way to check for radiator issues is to inspect the radiator visually. Look for any signs of rust, like rusty spots or discolored patches. If you see any sign of rust, you may be dealing with a coolant leak. The coolant could be spraying out as you drive and then bubbling up due to the heat of the engine, leaving rusty spots behind.

4. Visible Leaks

If you spot any kind of puddles or pools of liquid in your garage, on your driveway, or in other areas where you usually park your car, you probably have some sort of leak. If the fluid in question is brightly colored and has a sweet smell, it’s most likely coolant leaking from the radiator. This liquid can be green, yellow, or even pink.

5. Low Levels of Coolant

Sometimes, coolant leaks happen internally, so you won’t necessarily notice a puddle of fluid on the floor. Instead, you might simply find that the levels of coolant are unusually low and you have to keep on refilling the radiator on a regular basis. If this happens, it’s possible that parts of the radiator or connecting hoses have been damaged and need fixing.
If you notice any of the signs listed above or have any other reason to suspect that something is up with your car’s radiator, don’t delay. Get to a trusted dealer near you for rapid repairs. Otherwise, you may have to deal with much bigger and more expensive issues.

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