Winters in New Jersey can be pretty inclement, and if you've lived in Denville or Dover for a couple of years, you are well aware that wintry road conditions can be quite challenging. However, planning ahead will enable you to better handle any problems that may occur. Here are tips to maneuver your vehicle in snowy or icy road conditions.

Prep Your Vehicle for Cold Weather

To prepare your vehicle for winter in Morristown, start by checking the tires to see if you need to replace them or if you need to add snow tires. From there, make sure that your antifreeze is at the correct levels and your windshield wipers are in excellent condition. Also, make it a habit to keep your gas tank full so that you won’t run out in bad weather. That way you can keep the engine running if you get stuck somewhere.

Be Cautious While Driving on Frosty Roads

Even seasoned drivers can struggle to navigate through winter weather. Although you may have endured it before, continue to place your full attention on the road ahead. Always wear a seat belt and inform others of your driving destination. Keep your headlights on and approach snow piles with caution so that you can gain a viewpoint of oncoming traffic. As you move along, drive a bit slower and widen the distance between your vehicle and other cars so that you have more space to stop.

Choose A Vehicle That Can Handle Icy Weather

It’s best if you avoided harsh winter road conditions altogether, but if you have no choice, be sure to select an automobile that can handle the journey. A vehicle with good ground clearance and all-wheel drive will give you an increased chance to get over any snow on the ground. Ford has many models that are equipped with safety features and a spacious cabin to help travel better through the winter. For example, SUVs like Ford Expedition and Explorer offer three-rows of seats and plenty of room for supplies like jumper cables, a snow shovel, and road salt.

If you're in the market for a new winter-ready vehicle, visit Performance Ford and Randolph where you can test drive the latest new Ford models. We'll be happy to show you around.

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