Welcome to the 21st century. Nearly everything you will ever need is available at the tap of a button on your phone or computer. Technology is making everything so much easier. That includes the car-buying process. Performance Lincoln Ford understands not everyone has time to drive to our lot in Randolph from their home in Dover or their office in Morristown. That’s why we believe in the digital retail process. There are several benefits to shopping online for your next new car, truck or SUV.

  • Save Time: Our website has our inventory available for you to browse through, without wandering around a parking lot and looking at sticker-after-sticker. All the information you need is present, right in front of you.
  • Saves You Money: Not only do you save time by shopping online, you save money. Although Performance Lincoln Ford isn't far from Denville or Rockaway, it isn't free. You pay for the gas to get you here. Not to mention if you need to make more than one trip. Shopping online means you aren't spending extra money on gas.
  • Access to More Inventory: Don't see what you like the color of your favorite trim level on our site? Order the style and features you want. Key decisions are just a click away. Get creative with your selection and don't settle for what is sitting on the lot.
  • No Pressure from Sales Person: Performance Lincoln Ford likes to think we would never pressure anyone into making a decision. It does us no good to do that. However, some shoppers naturally feel stressed when dealing with sales people. We get that. Eliminate the anxiety of dealing with a sales associate and shop from the comfort of your Denville home.
  • Test Drive is Still an Option: You've found the car you love. Or at least think you do. The last step is to take it for a test drive. Simply tell a sales associate which one you've had your eye on and take it for a no-obligation test drive. If you like it, go ahead and sign the papers before you leave. Or take that pleasure home with you and start the financing process online.

You shouldn't have to leave the comforts of your Rockaway home to enjoy the process of buying a car. Of course, Performance Lincoln Ford would love to work with you personally. But shopping in-person isn't for everyone. Browse the selection at Performance Lincoln Ford, ask any questions you may have and complete your purchase, all from your couch. Performance Lincoln Ford makes online car buying easy for you.

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