Winter is right around the corner and will be here before you know it. There is nothing quite as harsh as a New Jersey winter storm. Don't get stuck out in the snow this winter. Visit Performance Lincoln Ford in Randolph and be ready to face the elements. There is no need to get caught off guard when the first blizzard comes. Let us get your vehicle ready.

The best way to tackle the elements in your car, truck or SUV by visiting the team at Performance Lincoln Ford. Your vehicle needs certain things to be able to adapt in the winter. Our service team can get you prepared just through simple routine maintenance. Schedule your winter service with us and you'll take a step in the right direction.

  • Oil Change: Our team will check and replace your oil with a weather-specific oil. When the temperature starts to drop, your oil viscosity changes. That could make your engine work even harder to operate, while letting gunk build up in the process. Ensuring your vehicle has the correct oil viscosity will make it run more smoothly, with little effort from you.
  • Switch Your Tires: The last thing you want in late January is to slide off the side of the road on your drive from Morristown to Rockaway, because you had the wrong tires on your vehicle. When the mercury starts to change, it should be time to change your tires. Consider a set of winter tires from Performance Lincoln Ford. You might not get as much life out of them over the long haul, but they are more than able to grip the road during treacherous conditions.
  • Fresh Wipers and Fluid: A pair of old wipers can make your drive through Dover more dangerous than it needs to be. If you have old wipers running, instead of briskly wiping away any freezing rain or snow, you'll just be smearing that slush across your windshield. Once that freezes, you could be in big trouble. New blades will cleanly throw off that fresh powder. By switching to a winter-ready washer fluid will help prevent that new snow from freezing up.
  • Battery Checks: Letting an expert check your battery level can go a long way to ensure you won't miss out on any activities this winter. When the cold creeps into Denville, you want to make sure your car's battery has enough juice to keep you warm on the frigid days. A weak battery will only get worse as Jack Frost moves in.
  • Brake Replacement: Like your tires, you might not think about your brakes when you drive around. Let our technicians take a look and determine whether or not your pads and shoes are sufficient to give you the confidence to slow and stop in any conditions.

Don't wait until the first sign of snow arrives to think about prepping your car for winter. Jump on that now and beat the rush. You don't want to learn the hard way how important it can be to be ready for winter. Visit the team at Performance Lincoln Ford in Randolph and let them prepare you for the upcoming season.

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