Think back to seeing the Ford Bronco on the road. Some of the details about the SUV include a rugged exterior and an interior with open space. The New Ford Bronco delivers a retro design along with several technology updates and comfortable features inside the SUV. Off-roading will be a breeze in the Bronco with wide tires that have a deep tread on them and windows that can be removed, allowing you to feel the breeze through your hair while venturing onto off-road courses in Denville and Dover, NJ.

When you examine the details of the exterior of the Bronco at Performance Lincoln Ford, you'll find that it has the same frame and platform components as the Ford Ranger. Some of the details that are used on the Bronco that are taken from the Ranger include the underpinning design as well as the drivetrain. However, the Bronco will have a slightly larger EcoBoost four-cylinder motor with more horsepower. The frame of the SUV is designed with steel, giving you a bit more protection when you're on the road in Randolph, NJ. The 10-speed transmission allows for smooth shifting between each gear.

Aside from removable windows, the doors and roof will be removable as well, giving you the feeling of being in an off-road vehicle even when you're driving on city streets. These items can be put in the spacious cargo area of the Bronco. Although the exterior of the Bronco is a bit boxy, the design has been done in an elegant manner. LED headlights and taillights make it easier for you to see the road while being seen by others driving behind you. Edges are clean from the square hood to the elevated areas above the wheels. A subtle glow can be seen inside the Bronco from lights that are positioned under the dash. Apple CarPlay and Sync 4 entertainment features are included in the Bronco.

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