Ford Sync

Have Ford SYNC® and an iPhone? This video goes over the basics of using the iPhone with SYNC, like how to pair your iPhone with SYNC. It also covers tips you should know, like how to download just your favorite contacts to SYNC.

Answer a call safely while driving. SYNC with MyFord Touch MyLincoln Touch acts like a remote control for your Bluetooth enabled mobile phone. The system lets you answer calls or reject them, should you wish using the instrument cluster's infotainment display and the steering wheel controls.

Have Ford SYNC and a Blackberry phone?This video goes over the basics of using the Blackberry with SYNC, like how topair your phone with SYNC. It also covers tips and tricks you should know, likewhy you need to set your "Trusted Device" option to ON.

FordSYNC is worth taking a little time to get to know. This video explains the keySYNC elements in your vehicle, like the microphone, and goes over all of thebuttons you'll need to get started. Check it out for a stress-free in-vehicleexperience.

Your first step as a Ford SYNC owner is to register and activate your complimentary services on the SYNC support website. Logging in lets you access SYNC support and personalize your SYNC Services. Learn how in this video!

If you're having trouble with Ford SYNC, a Clean Pairing can help get things running smoothly again. This video will show you how to do a Clean Pairing between SYNC and your phone to reset their connection and start fresh.

So you don't have to take your hands off the steering wheel or your eyes off the road, you can tell SYNC with MyFord Touch MyLincoln Touch to  dial a specific phone number or call a specific name in your phone book.

Do you use Ford SYNC and a phone with the Android platform? This video goes over the basics of using an Android phone with SYNC, like pairing your phone. It also covers tips you should know, like how to turn Bluetooth Discovery mode on and pair with a 4-digit PIN.

Having trouble using Ford SYNC? This video outlines the most common problems owners face when using their phone or media player with SYNC. Learn how to store your contacts and select a song manually.

Pairing your phone with Ford SYNC connects you to all the great features SYNC has to offer. The process can be a little tricky, so this video takes you through the SYNC pairing process step-by-step to ensure that you'll be connected to SYNC in no time.

With so many mobile phone options out there, it can be hard to know which one to choose to use with Ford SYNC. This video explains the differences between using regular phones and smartphones with SYNC.

Curious to know more about how Ford SYNC technology works? This video explains how SYNC partners with your mobile phone to enable hands-free calling and more


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